Monday, 15 December 2008

Welcome to Material Worlds!

This blog will record the thoughts, observations and comments of delegates at the Material Worlds conference in honour of Professor Susan Pearce, which kicked off a few hours ago, here at the University of Leicester.

The blog is open to all to comment - please feel free to join the discussions and get involved!

Anna and I (regulars over at The Attic - the Department of Museum Studies' research student blog) will be here over the next three days helping out, offering techie advice (!) and blogging as much as possible, 'though it has to be said, as we'll be spending most of our time closeted away in the Rothley Room tip-tapping away on our keyboards, only leaving our desks for food and drink, our posts might not be as devastatingly exciting as those of our blogging colleagues!

If you're not attending the conference, but following it virtually, please feel free to contact us by email.

Happy blogging!

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  1. I've just finished being techie in the 'Senior Common Room' 'Object values and agency' session - which was very diverse - portrait medals, the man who never threw anything away, portable altars, wedding gifts and the Maze Long Kesh prison in N. Ireland. And some issues with a beeping data projector of course - thanks to Bob 'potato man' for sorting that!